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Gemstone Characteristics

Jan 22, 2016

1. "beautiful", namely the gorgeous crystal clear, sparkling

Gem if not beauty can't be gems, this beauty or brilliant colors, or as transparent and clean, or with special optical effects (such as cat's eye, change color, luminous phenomena), or with special designs (such as Chrysanthemum stone, agate, jade plum, etc). Such as diamond, transparent little flaw can be used to figure out is a rare diamond, transparency, multiple defects, color black you can use as raw material for industry.

2. "a long time", that is, hard wear-resistant, capable of enduring change

Due to the gem of high value, people would expect it to be durable, can preserve or even traditional items. Diamond is became most expensive of gem, which a reasons is it is world Shang most hard, and and fear corrosion of gem, so world value high of gem more for some hardness big, and resistance corrosion of Portland mineral (as Emerald), and minority oxide (as Ruby, and Sapphire) and the elemental mineral (as diamond), and quality soft, and easy by corrosion of gem (as Xiu jade, and South jade,) itself value lower, often for making crafts, to workers win; but also has minority gem exception, as Opal, and Pearl.

3. "rare", that is, limited production

Rare is expensive, rare emeralds in the world, the finest quality per carat (0.2 g) worth tens of thousands of dollars, and some very beautiful and can be resistant to "long" gemstones (Amethyst), since there are more production and exploitation easier, its price has been low. Some common rock, after pondering also features beautiful and durable, but gems cannot be a member of the family, and the reason is easy to get cheap.

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